Summer Bible Activity Suggestions

Kids and families are typically ready for a break from school during the Summer months. Road trips, backyard get-togethers, fireworks, and sleeping in are just a few of the memory-making events that can happen while children are not in school. But Summer also can provide a good opportunity for kids to learn more about the Bible and the God we serve. Be careful to avoid “taking a break” from your Christian commitment and the need to raise children who know and live to honor the Lord. Sunday School Zone can help kids fill the long days with fun, free Bible activities. Here are a few Summer Bible activity suggestions for your consideration.

Focus on the Big Story

The Bible is filled with stories, but it also tells a single, ongoing story. We call this story God’s Unfolding Story. Teaching the biblical story is an important aspect of children’s Christian education, but it is often neglected in Bible study curricula for children. Sunday School Zone provides a number of free resources that will help you teach the biblical story to kids regardless of the curriculum your church may be using. Click here to get started.

Try a Variety of Activities

Kids will tend to gravitate toward one or two types of activities if we don’t encourage them to try new things. Sunday School Zone has more than 10 unique types of activities to involve your children in age-appropriate Bible study. Sure, printable activities might feel like “busy work” at first, but kids can get bored quickly when school isn’t consuming their time. Challenge them to try a maze or a matching game. They may discover a new favorite activity!

Engage Them with Crafts

Crafts are activities that require cutting, gluing and/or additional resources such as tape, craft sticks, and yarn. Most craft resources on Sunday School Zone are related to specific Bible stories, so this can be a great opportunity to review a Bible story or introduce your child to a new one. Many crafts provide a simple suggested learning outcome, a list of needed supplies, and step-by-step instructions with photos to help you and the children prepare for and complete each craft with ease.

Work on Bible Skills

Most children are not learning about the Bible while they’re in school. So challenging them to develop their Bible skills can be a break from the routines of school, even if it sounds like work at first. Sunday School Zone provides a number of free helps to assist families in building their Bible skills. And this is something the whole family can do as we never outgrow our need to better understand how to use God’s Word.

However you approach using these Summer Bible activity suggestions, you’ll want to be sensitive to the learning styles and preferences of your particular children. Don’t force it. Keep it fun. Let the joy of studying God’s Word be a fun addition to their summer break!

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