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Sunday School Zone - Children's Bible Activities | Sunday School Activities for provides free printable children’s Bible activities for use with kids at home, church, and school, as well as resources for teaching children the Bible. Sunday School Zone has been around since 2013 and, in that time, has developed a significant audience. And we’re happy that it continues to grow! The site is supported by advertising which allows us to continue adding new content. Advertisers and writers will both be interested to know about the size and nature of our audience.

Growth and Traffic Patterns

In 2019 (pre-pandemic), had more than 3,600,000 annual page views with more than 926,000 visits. The number of annual page views was up by 27% over 2018, which was up by 23% over 2017. The pandemic of 2020 negatively impacted the site’s traffic, but it is bouncing back. Current monthly numbers reveal the site continues to grow in year over year page views and visits. In 2021 the site generated more than 4,788,000 page views with more than 778,000 users visiting the site. In 2022 we are on track to see more than 5,550,000 page views and more than 900,000 unique users. Our most recent 30-day period showed 481,000 page views and nearly 90,000 users*.

Sunday School Zone’s audience is both cyclical and seasonal. A typical week peaks on Saturday and Sunday morning (not surprisingly, when teachers are preparing to teach Sunday morning), then falls during the week with Monday and Thursday generally being the lowest traffic days of the week. (See graph to the right.) On Saturday, January 11, 2020, the site had 25,879 page views.

Traffic is also seasonal as it always sees a decline immediately before and after Christmas. It then rebounds quickly and rises steadily during January and February. It typically sees a high in early February, dips on Easter weekend, and then levels off during the summer. The highest traffic of the year generally falls during September and then begins a slow decline toward Christmas.

I suspect that most sites are seasonal to some degree. Marketing people will need to keep this in mind. It is highly unlikely that many sites are constant in traffic. I’m happy to provide specifics in the interest of transparency. I want you to know what you’re getting so you can anticipate and measure response appropriately.

Newsletter and User Information

The Sunday School Zone Update is a weekly newsletter that was sent to more than 25,700 on April 2, 2022. We’re typically adding more than 200 new subscribers each week. We ask for limited information when people subscribe and, based on that data, we estimate the following about our audience…

  • 41% of our audience are church staff
  • 35% of our audience identify themselves as “church volunteer”
  • 16% are parents, half of whom are homeschooling parents
  • 8% are teachers in Christian schools

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We’re proud of the audience we’ve been able to build and the growth we are experiencing. But, we also believe we’re just getting started! We welcome those who would like to partner with us in helping parents, churches, and schools!

Rick Edwards
Author, Speaker, Bible Teacher

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*The numbers in this post were accurate as of April 5, 2022 and will be updated periodically. If you’re interested in more current or additional data, please contact me.

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