“Sweetheart, You Really Need to Read This Book…” Fight For Her by Plumb

I’ll confess that when I received a copy of Fight For Her by Plumb my expectations weren’t that high. Not that I didn’t think she was capable. But, my training and interests are in biblical studies. I love to read theology. And, I’m a guy. The prospect of reading a book by a mom for moms wasn’t particularly high on my list of priorities.

This is Good… This is Insightful…

But, I dove in and soon found myself encouraging my wife (roughly the same age as Plumb) to read it also. Then I wanted my daughter-in-law (the mother of my grandchildren) to read it. Then there’s our 14-year old daughter. I was quickly highlighting sections and dog-earing pages. “This is good… this is insightful…” were regular reactions I had to her conversational style and transparent stories.

In her second book, Tiffany Lee (Plumb) creatively weaves together stories of her own childhood (and her heroic mom) with stories about her own life and parenting (to her equally heroic children) and then persistently reminds us that for every principle to be applied to these treasured relationships, there is our priceless relationship with Jesus that illustrates, deepens, and affirms that principle. It creates a beautiful balance between the challenges of real life and the encouragement of real hope that anyone (not just women) will find refreshing and uplifting. (Plumb’s first book is Need You Now, released in 2014.)

You Will Be Encouraged

There are real insights in this book. They are insights born of experience, failure, success, prayer, tears, and an obvious love for her family and the extended family God has given her. She’s clearly familiar with using her artist’s platform to say, “I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve learned, I’ve grown, I’m loved, and so are you!” She loves sharing that message and this book is just one of the ways she does it with real passion.

I don’t know Tiffany Lee, but I’m grateful for this book and pray it will bear fruit in the lives of users on this site and the lives of precious women in my own life. Perhaps the best thing I can say about Fight For Her by Plumb is what I said to my wife as I worked my way through it… “Sweetheart, you need to read this!”

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