Thinking About Your Kids and The New Year?

Whether you’re into making New Year’s resolutions or not, the arrival of a new year is certainly a time of reflection for most of us. For parents and teachers of children, it’s also a time of anticipation and hope regarding the development of our kids, spiritually and otherwise.

We want to be good parents. We want the children under our care to love the Lord and know what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. The staff at Sunday School Zone wants to help! We want to help you as you shepherd these little ones toward a biblical faith in Jesus. So, to that end, we’d like to share some reasons why Sunday School Zone might help you as you think about your kids and the New Year…

Remember It’s Free and Easy

All of the printable Bible activities on are free. There’s no purchase decision you have to make regarding the site. Yes, we provide information about (and access to) other resources that may be available for purchase, but the core thing we do is provide free Bible teaching activities for children. And, because they’re delivered over the Internet, you can get these activities immediately without even leaving your home!

We Provide Lots of Variety

We live in a media-rich culture where attention spans are becoming shorter and the fear of boredom is getting greater. Further, kids have different preferred learning styles. That’s why we offer a variety of types of Bible activities. We have coloring pages, crafts, pencil activities, puzzles and games, word activities, and more. There’s bound to be something on the site that will help keep your child’s attention!

It’s Growing!

We are generally adding new content to the site every week and we have plans to ramp up even more the number of activities we have and the stories we cover. So, there’s almost always something new being added. That’s one reason why we provide a free weekly newsletter to help parents and teachers stay in touch with what we offer. We try to make it easy for you to keep up with new stories, activities, and blog articles.

It’s Thoughtful and Deliberate

We are parents, educators, and ministers. We believe God has called us to help the church teach His story to successive generations. This is eternally important to us. We’re not just having fun with a web site. We give lots of thought and study to this project and have great dreams for its future. In the days ahead you’ll find more and more ways that we can help you raise godly children thoughtfully and deliberately.

As you reflect on ways you can encourage your kids to study the Bible and grow in their faith this year, we hope you’ll allow Sunday School Zone to come alongside you and be a regular partner in your Christian parenting and teaching responsibilities!

Rick Edwards
Author, Speaker, Bible Teacher

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