Time For Adults To Get Schooled

Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:3 (KJV)

When Jesus wanted to give His disciples an example of someone who would be “the greatest in the kingdom of heaven,” he didn’t call up Peter, James or John. Not one of the disciples made the cut. Instead, Jesus called up “a little child.” What did our Savior mean when He said, “become as little children?” Well, to understand that, we need to consider what little children are like and the characteristics they share.

Honest In The Ways That Count

Children might get a little sneaky when it comes to grabbing an extra cookie, or sneaking in a few extra minutes of screen time, but in the ways that count, they are often brutally honest. Children are honest about their limitations, their fears, their dreams and their feelings. Children are honest about these things because children understand what Jesus was really talking about in Matthew 18, and that is humility.

Real Humility

Humility is simply being honest about your brokenness.  How much more effective would we be as parents, teachers and ministers if we could embrace a childlike humility? How many more people could we reach if we took off our masks, our brave faces, and often times down-right phoniness?

Instead of putting on Sunday morning smiles, and parading our accomplishments, and hiding our insecurities, we could acknowledge our brokenness. We could offer our broken selves to the other broken souls everywhere. Everyone you meet this week is in need of one thing, connection. They don’t need to be impressed by you. They don’t need to envy you. They don’t need to compete with you. They need to connect with someone who will honestly and humbly admit their own struggles and join them with their struggles.

The world doesn’t need any more “perfect” people. There are plenty around who think they are perfect. The world needs some real, honest, child-like Christians.

Sarah Reeves

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