Lesson Unit: God’s Creation

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God’s Creation Unit (Five Lessons)

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” So begins the written Word of God—the Bible, the Book in and through which God reveals Himself to humanity. In the first three chapters of Genesis, we learn some very important things about God, the world, life, death, and right and wrong. This unit will help older preschoolers understand some of the biblical teachings about creation, and it will encourage them to respond in fitting ways to God and His creative work. Lessons in this unit are listed below. Just click on each lesson title to access the individual lessons.

Unit Bible Lessons

Bible Story Teaching Picture—God Created the World

God Made the World

This free lesson is the first in a five-lesson unit called “God’s Creation.” It focuses on the initial creation of the world and universe and reveals that God is a good and powerful God. He is worthy of our love and service!

God Made the Plants—Bible Story Teaching Picture

God Made the Plants

Trees, flowers, and vegetables are all plants and God made all of them! In this free lesson, preschoolers will learn that plants didn’t come into being by accident, but as a result of God’s creative work.

Bible Story Teaching Picture—God Created the Animals

God Made the Animals

God made all the animals—wild and tame, large and small, loud and quiet. This free lesson will help preschoolers understand that animal life should remind us of God’s greatness.

Bible Story Teaching Picture—God Created People

God Made People

People were, and are, God’s highest form of creation. This free lesson will help preschoolers learn that they, and all people, are made by God and are infinitely valuable!

People Disobeyed God—Bible Story Teaching Picture

People Disobeyed God

Even though God had placed Adam and Eve in a “good” world, this free lesson will teach preschoolers that they disobeyed God. Still, God loved them! And He loves us, too, even when we sin.