Lesson Unit: Jesus Taught Important Truths

Jesus Taught Important Truths

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Jesus Taught Important Truths (Four Lessons)

All Christians need to understand and submit to the authority of Jesus as Lord. Children can begin to develop an understanding of Jesus’ authority even as preschoolers. One way we can help them do this is by helping them study the teachings of Jesus. The very act of teaching about his teachings will underscore His authority and help them see that He and His teachings are special. Jesus did, in fact, teach about many important things, including God’s love, prayer, forgiveness, and giving.

The lessons in this unit can help your preschoolers develop a healthy understanding of Jesus’ authority, but they will also lay the foundation for important truths your children will need as they mature, choose to follow Christ, and live as His disciples. Lessons in this unit are listed below. Just click on each lesson title to access the individual lessons.

Unit Bible Lessons

Jesus and Nicodemus—Bible Story Teaching Picture

Jesus Taught About God’s Love

In this lesson, preschoolers will learn about Nicodemus and the questions he had for Jesus on the night he and Jesus talked. They’ll also learn about the important answers Jesus gave.

Jesus Taught About Prayer—Bible Story Teaching Picture

Jesus Taught About Prayer

How should we pray? Even preschoolers can learn from the Model Prayer Jesus gave to His disciples. That prayer is the focus of this lesson.

Bible Story Picture—The Lost Son Returns Home

Jesus Taught About Forgiveness

Can preschoolers understand what forgiveness means? Jesus’ parable of the lost son will help them begin to understand it. That parable is the focus of this lesson.

Bible Teaching Picture—Jesus Taught About Giving

Jesus Taught About Giving

Preschoolers as well as adults can learn a great deal about giving from the example set by a poor widow who gave her two last coins to God. That event, as well as Jesus’ statements about what the woman did, is the focus of this lesson.