Valentine’s Day Activities and Helps

If you’re like many Christian parents and teachers, you’d like to help your kids think about Valentine’s Day and “love” (of any kind) from a more biblical perspective. This is an important and worthy goal. We shouldn’t assume the world is going to give our kids a proper understanding of love. The Bible, of course, has much to say about love and we want to help you take advantage of Valentine’s day and the celebration it brings. Perhaps you’re just looking for some fun Valentine’s Day activities to entertain your kids in keeping with the season. Whatever the case, here are some articles, activities, and suggestions for observing Valentine’s Day with your kids in a positive, fun, and biblical way.

In The Home

Nothing will do more to impact a child’s understanding of love, either negatively or positively, than the family. David Morrow provides some simple but helpful reminders for Teaching Kids about Love in Our Homes.

Through Activities

We have a good collection of Bible activities that will help your children study the biblical message and characteristics of love as demonstrated and commanded in God’s Word.

With A Bible Greeting Card

Kids love to give and/or exchange greeting cards for Valentine’s Day. We have a number of cards kids can decorate that have a relevant Bible verse printed on the front. Just pick the one that works best for your children!

With Bookmarks

Bookmarks make great gifts for kids related to their Bible study, but they become even more valuable to the children when they’re able to color or paint the bookmarks themselves. These Valentine’s Day bookmarks can be printed on card stock to make durable gifts that children can keep for themselves or give to a friend or loved one. Some are colorable in case kids wish to decorate their own.

In Conversations

Can the Bible speak to Valentine’s Day? Absolutely! Here’s a brief article that identifies some biblical themes you may want to explore with your kids that can help lay a foundation for healthy relationships as they grow.

In A Bible Study

David Morrow provides some encouragement for church and Christian school leaders by offering a free unit of Bible studies for older preschoolers and younger grade schoolers. Check out his article here.

With Scripture Pages

Sometimes the best teaching is done passively when children don’t know you’re teaching! This short article provides some Scripture Pages related to love that can reinforce your teaching as kids come and go.

Any holiday can provide opportunities to discuss biblical themes with your kids. We hope the resources above will help you take advantage of Valentine’s Day in this way.

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