Writing Bible Background Articles

Bible background articles help leaders, learners, and teachers better understand some historical, cultural, geographic, or linguistic aspect of the Bible and its people and lands. You can find examples of Bible background articles on the site.

You’ll see that Bible background articles generally fall into one of five categories… 1) Bible people, 2) Bible places, 3) Bible things, 4) Bible events, and 5) Bible concepts. We need articles in all of these categories.

These articles typically are written by assignment. That is, we will give you the topic to write about. As a rule, we will ask you to write on a topic that enhances an activity, children’s sermon, story summary, or something we already have on the site. 

The length of these articles can vary depending on the nature of the topic.

We are not able to provide payment on these types of articles at this time. We will, however, provide a bio page for you and link to your personal or professional web site as appropriate.

Writing for Sunday School Zone can be a good way to help you increase your exposure. The site has over 60,000 monthly visitors and more than 290,000 monthly page views. In addition, we also feature our article content in our weekly newsletter that goes to more than 10,000 people. You won’t get rich writing for Sunday School Zone, but it can certainly help you grow your audience.

If you would like to write Bible background articles, please check out the Writer Inquiries page and then email us at [email protected]. We’ll then ask you to complete a sample article for evaluation. 


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