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Featured Bible Activities

Easter Story Article to Help Teach About the Ressurection

The Easter Story In The Bible

Description: The Easter Story in the Bible Bible Text: Various Bible Lesson: There are many Easter story Bible verses and all of them are part of the larger story … Read More »


Jesus Is Alive Coloring Page

Description: Jesus Is Alive Coloring Page Bible Text: John 20:11-18 Bible Lesson: Jesus died and was buried on Friday. On Easter Sunday morning Mary Magdalene went … Read More »


Mary Anointed Jesus’ Feet Coloring Page

Description: Mary Anointed Jesus' Feet Coloring Page Bible Text: John 12:1-8 Bible Lesson: Just days before his crucifixion, Jesus visited the home of friends … Read More »

Latest Preschool and Children’s Ministry Articles

Teaching Gratitude in the Month of November

The kids are back in school. The air has turned cool (or downright COLD!). The leaves are changing color and football is dominating the sports … Read More »

Magnifier and Bible Cover c2dcac9d-5391-4580-81c1-37e4705e232d

Seven Subtle Insights

Seven Things Your Kids Need to Learn from the Life of Joseph that Are Easily Overlooked Lessons abound in the story of Joseph from Genesis 37; … Read More »

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