Father’s Day Activities and Resources

The Bible is very clear about the need to honor and respect our earthly fathers and Father’s Day is an excellent time to remind children of God’s expectation in this regard. It’s also a great time to remind dads of their important spiritual responsibilities before God. While Father’s Day is not a “biblical” event, parents and teachers will want to encourage kids to find appropriate ways to express their love and respect to their dads during this season. The list of free, printable Father’s Day activities below can help you reinforce this important expectation with children.

A Father’s Day Riddle (for Dads)

This fun blog post from Chris Solaas will encourage Christian dads to ponder a riddle and think about God’s call on them as fathers and what the Lord desires from them.

Father’s Day Bookmarks

Showing love and respect to our fathers is not something we should do just once a year. These bookmarks can be placed in a child’s Bible to serve as a regular reminder of God’s expectation.

Father’s Day Greeting Cards

These cards can be colored and given to dad as a personal expression of the child’s love. Encourage kids to write a personal note inside the card to further personalize the gift.

Father’s Day Scripture Pages

Scripture pages make great reminders to kids on a variety of topics. These can be placed on a child’s wall or mirror to remind kids that they are to honor their earthly fathers.

Father’s Day Coupons

Coupons are always great fun! Encourage your kids to think of unique ways they can bless their dads. Suggestions are included with these coupons.

Father’s Day Coloring Pages

These are another great way to reinforce to children what God expects while helping the kids create a personalized gift they can give to dad.

Four Ways to Pray for Dad This Father’s Day

Fathers often are the hardworking backbone in many families who rarely get the credit they deserve. Exodus 20:12 tells us to “Honor your father.” Dads often don’t beg for recognition, though, and so they can get overlooked. On Father’s Day, many of us want to make our dad feel special with gifts, but in addition to that, our dads need our prayers.

Dad, “Be” Before You “Do”

Father’s Day should be a time of reflection for those who love and honor their dads, but it should be a time of reflection for Fathers as well. It’s always important to understand that who we ARE is more important than what we DO. Sometimes our kids understand this better than we do. Wherever you may be in your “Fatherhood Journey,” I would invite you to consider the following challenges as a dad…

All Father’s Day Activities

Here’s a list of all our Father’s Day activities in case you want to browse through one single list.

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