Biblical Worldview Articles

Biblical Worldview ArticlesThe articles below speak to issues related to a biblical worldview and helping learners of all ages, especially children, develop a biblical worldview and lifestyle.

Foundational Life Questions (And Answers)

The Universal Experience of Time No matter where someone lives, or the culture within which he or she lives, each person is moving through time and, consequently, living with an awareness that the passing of time creates for us a past, present, and future. All people everywhere experience the passing of time. This is a…

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How The Biblical Story Shapes Your Kids’ Worldview

The Biblical Story “In the beginning…” Three simple words that signal the start of the greatest story of all time. This is the story of God and God’s plan for humanity and creation. This is the story of God’s eternal Kingdom. This is the story of the Bible. And, this is YOUR KIDS’ story. They…

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