Large (11X17) Printable Activities

Many of our printable activities (see the list below) now come in a larger, 11X17 inch version which is great for teaching pictures, jigsaw puzzles, and other activities where children can benefit from the larger format. These are especially good when printed on card stock. If you take these to a print shop, they may ask for a letter of permission that you can find here.

God Made The Plants Jigsaw Puzzle 11X17

We know that God made all things, but sometimes we forget that His creative work took place over several days and involved several aspects of creation. It’s also easy to overlook the value of plants in God’s overall creation. We can take these things for granted, but they are an important aspect of creation for…

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God Made the World Jigsaw Puzzle 11X17

The Bible is clear that God spoke creation into existence, out of nothing! One moment there was nothing. Then God spoke and things came into existence by the simple power of His command. He made the world and everything in it. He made the sky and the wind and the birds that fly in the…

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Paul Preached In Athens Large Jigsaw Puzzle – 11X17

In Acts chapter 17, we read about Paul traveling to Athens (an important city in Greece) on his second missionary journey. While he was there, Paul waited for Silas and Timothy to join him from Berea. While he was waiting, Paul talked to people about Jesus. Before long he was invited to speak to some…

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Paul Preached In Athens Teaching Picture – 11X17

On Paul’s second missionary journey, he traveled to an important city in Greece called Athens and waited there for Silas and Timothy to join him from Berea (see Acts 17:16-34). While Paul was waiting, he talked to people around the city about Jesus. Paul’s preaching stirred a lot of interest and he was soon invited…

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