Coded Word Bible Activities for Children

A coded word puzzle is one in which symbols, often numbers, are used to represent letters. A key is provided, and working the puzzle involves replacing the symbols with appropriate letters to determine the words or the message the symbols represent. Kids have great fun working these puzzles! Select an activity by clicking the appropriate title.

Jesus Raised Lazarus Coded Words

The story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead found in John chapter 11 is a lengthy but important story. And while it is packed with heavy theological insights, it is also an important story for children to learn. In addition to underscoring Jesus’ great power over all things, including death, some of the puzzling…

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Exile Is Coming! Coded Words

The Babylonian Exile was a hugely important season in the life of God’s people in the Old Testament. After King Solomon, the nation of Israel fell into a civil war and divided into the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah (where Jerusalem was located). Israel (the Northern Kingdom) finally fell to…

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Woman At The Well Coloring Page

John chapter 4 tells us about Jesus’ unusual but memorable encounter with the “woman at the well,” also known as “the Samaritan woman.” This familiar and beloved story demonstrates Jesus love for all people and His willingness to go out of his way for a single individual. The story is long and multi-faceted, but it…

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Woman At The Well Coded Words

Also known as the story of the Samaritan woman, this familiar story, found in John 4:1-42, points to the global scope of Jesus’ ministry. He didn’t just come for the Jews. Jesus came to save all people who believe in Him regardless of their past and regardless of their race. This was extremely radical, and…

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Sodom and Gomorrah Coded Words

We learn about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19. The angels had told Abraham of their intention to judge the cities in the prior chapter. Abraham had interceded on behalf of the cities, but their sin had gone too far. Judgment would be needed to keep sin and evil in check. Only…

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Paul Preached In Athens Coded Words

On Paul’s second missionary journey, he traveled to an important city in Greece called Athens and waited there for Silas and Timothy to join him from Berea. While Paul was waiting, he talked to people in the city about Jesus. He was soon invited to speak to the intellectual leaders at a place called the…

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Thanksgiving For God’s Person Coded Words Activity

Children love coded words activities and this one, based on Jeremiah 32:17, will remind kids that “God is Creator and, therefore, powerful.” We do not proclaim a weak or powerless god who cannot help us.

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Thanksgiving for God’s Presence Coded Words Activity

Children love coded words activities and this one reinforces the promise of God’s presence and will encourage gratitude in kids as a result. Based on Matthew 28:20 (the Great Commission), this activity will remind kids that “Jesus is always with us.”

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Thanksgiving for God’s Provision Coded Words Activity

Children love coded words activities and this one will reinforce the fact of God’s provision and encourage gratitude as a result. Based on Deuteronomy 11:13-15, this activity will remind kids that “He provides when we are obedient.”

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