Bible Verse Lists for Kids

As parents and teachers, you want the children in your care to love Jesus. The best way to do that is to help them learn the story of the Bible (so they understand they’re part of the story) and begin to learn and memorize selected verses from the Bible. Even young children can study the Bible and commit verses to memory. We have compiled a variety of lists of Bible verses you may want to start with, including a list of encouraging verses for parents. In many instances we have excerpted just a phrase from the verse in order to keep them short and easier to memorize.

80 Preschool Bible Verses

Bible Verses for Preschoolers

It’s never really too early to begin helping children learn God’s Word. Even preschoolers can begin to appreciate, honor, and respect the Bible as the Word of God. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 80 Bible verses for preschoolers that reflect and grow out of the preschool curriculum we call God’s Unfolding Story for…

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Easter Bible Verses and the Resurrection Story

The Easter story is the story of Jesus’ resurrection following his crucifixion. Below are some key Bible verses related to Easter and the resurrection story with commentary to help the teacher or parent understand the broader biblical story of Christ’s resurrection and its significance. Interestingly, the Bible as a whole has more to say about…

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Mother’s Day Bible Verses

This is a listing of Mother’s Day Bible verses. As one might expect, the list contains many pretty generic references to mothers. The list is based entirely on the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) and isn’t exhaustive, but it does provide a good representation of ways “mother” is used in the Bible. Depending on what…

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Valentine’s Day Bible Verses

Any time is a good time to encourage children to memorize Scripture and Valentine’s Day is no exception. In addition, the Scripture Pages we provide on Sunday School Zone will encourage kids to think about and remember the verses they’ve learned as they walk through their day. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to emphasize…

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Short Bible Verses for Kids

Kids can be greatly assisted in their scripture memory efforts if they first learn short Bible verses or Bible phrases that contain important truths. We have identified a list of short Bible verses (or Bible phrases) and have compiled them into the following lists to help the teacher or parent choose those that make the…

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Important Bible Verses for Kids

There are certain verses that affirm certain critical truths in a very concise way and, therefore, are “important” verses for children to learn and memorize, especially when the skill of Scripture memory is new to them. Here are just a few. In some instances only a phrase from the verse has been included in order…

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Encouraging Bible Verses for Kids

Many kids today need encouragement from the Bible and people who love them. Here are some verses that kids who need encouragement may find helpful. Keep in mind that simply citing verses or providing a printed list by itself is not nearly as powerful as reinforcing the Scripture with genuine love. In many instances only…

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Popular Bible Verses for Kids

The verses listed below are popular verses that children are likely to encounter along the way in church or other places. This is a great list to start with if children are just beginning to memorize Scripture because they’re likely to hear these verses or passages referenced in sermons or other places. In many instances only…

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Ten Bible Verses About Children For Children

Somewhere in between busy schedules and important phone calls, children can sometimes feel pretty insignificant. Even the best parents can fail to articulate how very precious their children are to them. It is really important that kids know they are valuable and loved. God’s Word is filled with lots of meaningful verses about children. We…

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