Sunday School University Videos

Sunday School University provides video lesson support for teachers of adults using LifeWay's Bible Studies for Life and Explore the Bible Series. Sunday School University allows us to feature their videos here in order to provide additional support for those teaching kids the stories we cover on Sunday School Zone. We encourage children's Bible teachers to learn as much about the relevant Bible story as possible. These videos can help you go deeper as a teacher and, consequently, do a stronger job of helping your kids understand the Bible story.

Mary’s Story Support from Sunday School University

Sunday School Zone has partnered with Sunday School University to provide additional help for adults who want to better understand the story of Mary, Jesus’ mother. This video was created to help teachers of adults lead a Bible study on Luke 1:26-35; the story of the Angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary announcing the birth of Jesus. The better you understand the story, the better you’ll be able to communicate the truth(s) of the story to the children you are teaching.

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