Large (11X17) Teaching Pictures

Many of the teaching pictures on Sunday School Zone now come in a larger, 11X17 inch version which is great for printing on card stock and storing for future use. If you take these to a print shop, they may ask for a letter of permission that you can find here.

Large Jigsaw Puzzle for God Gave Moses His Laws

After God delivered Israel from Egyptian slavery, He brought His people to Mt. Sinai where He entered into a covenant relationship with the people and gave them a rather large set of laws that would govern how they were to live before Him and one another, including people beyond Israel. God gave these laws or…

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Jesus Taught The Beatitudes Teaching Picture – 11X17

Jesus began the Sermon on the Mount with what are called “The Beatitudes.” As a whole, this beautiful text helps us understand the nature of God’s kingdom and challenges us to live as kingdom citizens. You can read an article about The Beatitudes here. Each of these “blessed” statements points to some aspect of the…

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Jesus Raised Lazarus From the Dead Teaching Picture – 11X17

The story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead found in John chapter 11 is a lengthy but important story. And while it is packed with heavy theological insights, it is also an important story for children to learn about. In addition to underscoring Jesus’ great power over all things, including death, some of the…

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