What We Believe

SundaySchoolZone.com and God’s Unfolding Story curriculum is published and maintained by a group of people committed to helping the church teach His story to successive generations. We are solidly and unapologetically evangelical in our theological commitments and strive to be thoroughly biblical in our content, in our business practices, and in our lifestyles.

Core Convictions and Commitments

We are committed to the inerrancy and authority of the Bible. We believe that in the Scriptures God has spoken intelligently and intelligibly. That is, we believe God has spoken with words that convey specific and intended messages that we, as created human beings, can understand. That’s why we are producing Bible study resources for churches and individuals. We want to help people hear from God through the Bible.

We believe Yahweh, the God of the Bible, is the only true God, though we believe in the Church’s historic commitment to the doctrine of the Trinity and affirm that Jesus is both fully God and fully man. The risen Christ is alive today and present among God’s people in the Holy Spirit.

The nature of the content we publish on SundaySchoolZone.com  and in God’s Unfolding Story curriculum is doctrinal (theological) and interpretive. If you really wish to know what we believe, look at our content. We invite anyone to examine our resources to determine for themselves if the content is biblical and falls within the parameters of historic Christianity. If you feel we have erred at any point, then we ask that you contact us to let us know.

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