Christmas Helps for Parents

Many Christian parents want the Christmas holiday to provide a meaningful season of fun, family, and learning for their kids. It’s a great time to reinforce the biblical teachings regarding the birth of Jesus and the real significance of this great event. These Christmas helps for parents are intended to encourage, inform, and challenge you as a Christian parent to take advantage of this wonderful season.

Reverencing The Holidays

In the first book of the New Testament, Matthew tells us… “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto…

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Balancing Santa and The Savior

You probably have already heard yourself several times this holiday using the phrase, “The real meaning of Christmas.” It may not be those exact words, but the sentiment is common among Christian teachers and parents. Why do we constantly have to point out the real meaning of Christmas? The truth is because “Christmas” doesn’t generally…

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Why Believe In the Virgin Birth and Conception of Jesus?

The New Testament is clear about the reality of Jesus’ virgin birth or, more accurately, His virgin conception. It’s really impossible to explain away what the New Testament unequivocally affirms about Christ’s miraculous conception. And while the modern church is often vigilant in defending the fact of the virgin birth and conception of Jesus, it…

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Christmas Activities and Resources

Christmas is close! Children, and all of us, need to understand that Christmas is about the good news of God coming humbly as a baby to live among us as a human and, ultimately, die to save and restore us. What people could not do to rescue themselves, God did for us. Christmas is about…

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The Christmas Story Video Highlights

We’ve prepared five brief Christmas Bible story videos (the longest is just under four minutes) that cover five popular Christmas stories. We also have free activities and lessons for each of these stories on Sunday School Zone. Each of these Christmas Bible stories videos provides a highlight of the story’s key points based on the…

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Paul the Apostle Activities


The word “Messiah” comes from the Hebrew word meaning “anointed” or, by inference, “the anointed one” (one who has been anointed). In the Old Testament, this referred primarily to the kings and high priests who were anointed for their service. As a reference to a king or priest, the term typically is translated as “anointed”…

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Hey! It’s Not Your Birthday!

Ah, the blessed holidays, when a child’s attention span is no bigger than a sugar plum fairy, and Bible teaching classrooms are flooded with lots of cool new gadgets and toys being sneaked in by their happy recipients. This time of year can be challenging at best for the conscientious teacher. The week before and after…

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Christmas Conversations

You have the decorations. You have the gifts and the wrapping paper. You have all the ingredients for all the Christmas goodies and you have the best intentions to make sure you share the REAL meaning of Christmas with your kids this year. What you don’t have is time! Despite the fact that retailers throw up the Christmas…

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The Messages We Send About Christmas

The Holidays. We love them, but sometimes we dread them, too. Our society has placed such an emphasis on “stuff,” that most of us find ourselves, soon after Thanksgiving, stressing over money and tight schedules, and how will we ever get all the gifts and make it to all the events this season? This has…

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