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The Sunday School Zone Lead Volunteers Leadership Blog addresses the ongoing needs of those in a church or children’s ministry organization who are responsible for leading the volunteers engaged in that ministry. Josh Denhart, the host and creator of Lead Volunteers, is a veteran pastor and ministry leader who provides regular, ongoing leadership advice for those in the trenches of ministry.

Check out Josh’s brief videos (typically about 2 minutes) and blog posts below that will encourage you, inform you, and equip you as you develop your own leadership skills and, in turn, equip others to deepen and expand the ministry of YOUR organization!

Lead Volunteers: Hurt People Hurt People

I’ve been in ministry for long enough and I’ve been alive long enough to understand that when someone hurts another person, it’s often because they themselves are hurting. In a ministry context, I have found time and time again when someone seeks to either consciously, or unconsciously, hurt you as the leader, there is often…

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Identify the Faithful Few

Lead Volunteers: Identify the Faithful Few

There are many categories of people with whom you serve in your ministry area. Can you identify individuals you could call to greater levels of involvement? Before you identify the faithful few in your ministry, let’s take a step back and look at the ministry of Jesus and the levels of people with whom He…

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How are You Spending Your One and Only Life?

How are You Spending Your One and Only Life?

How are you spending your one and only life? Eternity is a long time. Years ago, our country was split into two parts, the North and the South. Imagine an individual living in the south who knew for a fact that the south was going to lose the war. He knew that a new era…

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Lead Volunteers: Leading Yet No One Is Following

Leading Or Just Walking? If you think you are leading and yet no one is following, you are just taking a walk. Emotional intelligence is a key characteristic in any leadership role. Understanding people and understanding the nuanced ways to see whether or not people are following your leadership is a critical role in the…

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God’s Word is Gripping

Lead Volunteers: God’s Word is Gripping

I think one of the most important things we can be passionate about is the communication of God’s Word. Of all the tasks we have, of all the duties and responsibilities in our ministries, we can never ever allow the beauty and priority of God’s word to take a secondary place — to order, to…

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Measure Twice, Cut Once

Lead Volunteers: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Over the years I have been friends with many carpenters. For some reason, God has placed many different individuals from the construction industry in my life. I’ve hung out with them and I sought to try to learn their trade, really to no avail. I’m just not a handy guy! Regardless, I learned something very…

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"Feel Free to Say No"

Lead Volunteers: “Feel Free to Say No”

In ministry, I want to make sure that my own personal powers of persuasion are not being leveraged as a form of manipulation. People need to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, not my voice. I do not want, in a pressure-filled yet persuasive way, to convince someone that they should be volunteering.…

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Overwhelm With Excellence!

Lead Volunteers: Overwhelm With Excellence!

An important value we should subscribe to in any ministry setting is excellence. For far too long, I have seen quality take a back seat to expediency. Getting it done has eclipsed getting it done well. Over the years it has been a sad stain on so many ministries to see them pulled off in…

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Do We Bring Execution or Mere Activity?

Lead Volunteers: Do We Bring Execution or Mere Activity?

Years ago, there was a humongous machine at the World’s Fair. This machine had smoke, levers, and gears, in addition to making noise. It drew a lot of attention as the people stood in amazement to see this huge contraption belching smoke, churning gears, and making noise. Somebody leaned over to the main engineer, who…

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