Printable Bible Story Bookmarks for Kids

The free, printable Bible bookmarks for kids provided on are professionally-designed bookmarks with a Bible verse, phrase, or truth on them. Each 8 1/2 X 11 inch sheet typically has three or four bookmarks on it, and sometimes more. A simple Bible lesson is often provided with each Bible bookmark. Simply print and cut the number you need for your class or children.

The Great Commission Bookmarks

Jesus commanded His disciples to go and make other disciples of people from all nations. These Great Commission bookmarks will make great gifts for kids and will remind children that God’s people are charged with making disciples of people all over the world.

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Peter and Cornelius Bookmarks With Picture

The early church was made up almost exclusively of Jews. These Peter and Cornelius bookmarks can remind kids of this story and discover that God sees all people the same and invites all races into His church.

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Peter and Cornelius Colorable Bookmarks

The early church was made up almost exclusively of Jews. These Peter and Cornelius colorable bookmarks can help kids learn this important story and discover that the church should include all people from all races.

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He is Risen! Easter Bookmark with Picture

This He is Risen! Easter bookmark with picture will make a great gift for kids on Easter Sunday. It includes an illustration of the risen Lord outside the tomb with the declaration, “He has been resurrected” taken from Matthew 28:6.

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He Is Alive! Easter Bookmark With Picture

The fact that Jesus rose from the dead means He is alive today. This He is Alive! Easter bookmark will remind children of this truth. The picture on the bookmark shows Mary encountering Jesus that morning. Her exclamation, “I have seen the Lord!” is included.

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He Is Risen Indeed! Colorable Easter Bookmarks

Early Christians would greet one another with the simple statement “He is risen!” and then respond with “He is risen indeed!” Children can continue this tradition with these He Is Risen Indeed! colorable Easter bookmarks and personalize the bookmark by coloring it.

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Hosanna! Colorable Bookmarks for Palm Sunday

These colorable Hosanna! bookmarks include the declaration, “Hossana!” printed on them. This shout of praise meant that Jesus is the King they had been waiting on! The bookmark will remind children that Jesus is the King of kings and has come to save us!

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Colorable Maundy Thursday Bookmarks

These colorable Maundy Thursday bookmarks include a picture of the bread and wine and have the words of Jesus, “Do this in remembrance of me,” printed on the front. They can help children celebrate the event and remember what Jesus did for us.

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Colorable Hosanna! Bookmarks With Picture

These colorable Hosanna! bookmarks include a colorable illustration of Jesus entering Jerusalem with the simple declaration, “Hossana!” printed on it. The bookmark will remind kids that Jesus is King who came to save us!

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