Thanksgiving Lessons and Activities

Listed here are Bible activities, resources and ideas for ways you can teach gratitude to children and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in a meaningful way. Keep in mind that Fall isn’t the only time of year you can teach gratitude. This is a character quality that should be encouraged and fostered year-round, but the Fall / Thanksgiving season certainly provides a great opportunity to bring focused attention on thanksgiving as schools, churches, and even our culture at large is giving attention to the need for gratitude in our lives and the abundance of good things we enjoy. It’s important, however, that we remind our kids that we have a God who has provided our many blessings and is worthy of our gratitude. Biblical gratitude aims our thanksgiving toward the God of the Bible!

Articles About Fostering Thankfulness in Children

As Christian parents and teachers, we want to do more than simply remind our kids that they should say “thank you” in response to good things people might do as well as express gratitude at the beginning of the holiday season. We want to foster a spirit of thanksgiving in our children so they reflect this important quality in the way they live now and as they grow older. We have compiled a series of articles that contain suggestions for doing just that, both in the holiday season and all year long. Take a look at the list of articles and then come back every few days to see what might be most helpful to you at that point. There are lots of ideas here!

Bible Verses About Thanksgiving

bible-on-tableWhatever else you may do to underscore the value of gratitude during the Thanksgiving season, one of best things you can do now or at any time of the year is to take your kids to the Bible and let them hear what God Himself has to say about thanksgiving. There is power in God’s Word even when we (or our kids) don’t quickly see it. Engaging them in the Scripture will serve them in important ways that we may never see with our physical eyes. Here are some related verses with relevant commentary you will want to introduce your kids to when you speak with them about the Thanksgiving holiday, gratitude in general, and the importance of celebrating Jesus (not just gifts) during the holiday season.

Activities About Thanksgiving

photo 2We have compiled a number of free, printable activities and other helpful resources that can be used to teach gratitude and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. These gratitude-related activities include crafts, children’s sermons (with professionally-created illustrations), Scripture pages, matching games, spot-the-differences puzzles, mazes, jigsaw puzzles, and more! Most Christian parents want to take advantage of the Thanksgiving season to reinforce the value of gratitude as well as engage kids in positive activities when they may be out of school. These activities can help! Just click here for a listing of Thanksgiving related activities.

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