Easter Season Activities and Resources

Resurrection Sunday is the greatest day of celebration for Christians. It’s the day we recognize the final triumph of Christ over death and evil. The resurrection is so significant that Christians around the world typically worship weekly on Sundays just to celebrate and observe the resurrection. It’s appropriate that we would also set aside one day out of the year to honor this historic event. To help families, schools and churches observe the Easter season (Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday), we have gathered a number of Easter activities and resources to help kids learn the true significance of the day…

Easter Season Activities and Resources

The Sunday School Zone Buildup To Easter is a free, 8-week season of study, inspiration, and challenge to help parents and teachers develop a better understanding of Jesus’ death and resurrection so they can help their kids develop a richer understanding of these events. You can find all of the relevant resources here.

Sunday School Zone is primarily about free Bible activities for children. Find all of our Easter-related activities quickly.

Click here for a simple listing of Short Easter Bible Verses for Kids. These are great for memorization or to use in things like Easter greeting cards.

Some articles you may find interesting that address events in Jesus’ life as He moved toward His crucifixion are The Passover Festival, Palm Sunday, and Maundy Thursday.

David Morrow has three helpful articles related to ministry to children during the Easter (resurrection) season. The Great Easter Controversy! will help you if you’re struggling with balancing the realities of the resurrection story with fantasy characters like the Easter bunny. Can They Really Understand Easter? addresses the need to lay an appropriate foundation for children who may not be ready for some of the heavier concepts of the resurrection. Finally, What Do I Say About Easter? can help you know what’s appropriate to teach children regarding the resurrection.

Another one of our bloggers, B. Nathaniel (Bev) Sullivan has a number of substantive Bible studies related to the resurrection on his personal blog, WordFoundations.com. Get access to his studies here.

Rick Edwards addresses the question, “Is Easter associated with a pagan holiday or custom?”

Here’s a longer list of Bible verses for Easter if you’re looking for many of the verses about the resurrection.

If you’re looking for a broad listing of Easter Bible verses that can help you understand and teach the Easter story, we have compiled a lengthy collection with commentary to provide a good overview of how the Bible treats Jesus’ resurrection. Click here to read.

If you need a quick listing of future dates for Easter and Good Friday, we’ve compiled a list of Easter dates here.

Remember, you can quickly check out all of the resurrection Bible activities we have on the site.

We hope these Easter season activities and resources will make it easy for you to help interpret the true meaning of Easter (resurrection Sunday) to the children under your care!

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