God Helped Gideon To Be Courageous Word Search

Gideon was a judge in Israel before there was a king; during the period of the Judges. (Gideon was one of the Judges.) The people of God had sinned and God allowed them to be oppressed by their enemies. God called Gideon to help and, although he was reluctant, God used Gideon to free Israel from her enemies. Gideon didn’t think God could use him because he was ill-equipped and frightened. But God did use him and demonstrated that God is able to use unlikely people who don’t feel usable! We learn about this story in Judges 6:11-24; 7:15-23. This God Helped Gideon to Be Courageous Word Search activity will help children understand that God can use weak people and give them courage to accomplish great things for Him.

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