The Fall of Adam and Eve

God placed Adam and Eve in a "good" world and called them to rule over that world as His image-bearers. He asked only that they trust Him to provide them with the knowledge of good and evil rather than the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They chose, however, to trust the tree and, thereby, rejected God's rule over their lives (His Kingdom). Their sin brought devastation to themselves and the good world God had created and in which He has placed them. These Fall of Adam and Eve Bible activities are about this turning point in history found in the early chapters of the Bible.

People Disobeyed God Coded Words

Let your kids work this coded word Bible activity. When they do, they’ll be reminded of important elements in the story of how people came to disobey God. They’ll also learn that God cared for Adam and Eve. What a wonderful God He is!

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People Disobeyed God Match Game

Eight pairs of tiles depict elements of a picture of Adam and Eve choosing to disobey God and eating from the tree that God had said was off limits to them. This match game provides an important teaching moment for your children, one you can use to a tremendous advantage in their lives!

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People Disobeyed God Maze

This “tree maze” is truly amazing! Let your kids work it after you’ve shared the Bible story with them that tells how people disobeyed God.

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People Disobeyed God Spot the Differences

Twelve differences exist between these two pictures of Adam and Eve taking bites of the forbidden fruit and sinning against God. Can your children find them all?

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