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Cami SummersCami Summers describes herself as “a beloved child of God, who loves crawling in her Daddy’s lap and reading His Word.” In recent years, she has learned the importance of the discipline of daily worship to fuel her as she cares for her four kids and supports the ministry of her husband of 25 years, Pastor Jeff Summers. Jeff cares for teens at Perimeter Church in Atlanta, GA.

Cami is passionate about equipping others to enjoy studying the Bible and spending time with God. She sees this skill as something to be learned, as most reading is for comprehension or entertainment, but reading the Bible actually connects the reader with the Living God. “It takes practice and commitment to learn to love God’s Word,” she says.

Cami was first introduced to Jesus when a friend invited her to Sunday School. Though her attendance was anything but regular, Cami can remember longing to go and recognizing the difference in the church community. It was there that she came to understand her need for Jesus and committed her life to Him. Cami prays fervently for the revival of God’s Church. She longs to see others aware of their desperate need for a Savior—not just eternally but daily, and even sometimes hourly, so that they can experience the joy of intimacy with Christ.

Though the riches of God’s blessings keep her daily life busy, she treasures time spent time drinking tea and talking with her husband and children: Tirzah, Jace, Lexi, and Zane. They call their time together “Coffee Time,” (she’s the only one that doesn’t drink coffee) and it is a family value that they all enjoy.

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