Articles by Madalyn Allen

Learning Styles Part 5: Kinesthetic Learners

It was a Sunday like any other. Since my husband had recently volunteered to help with children’s church, the kids ministry director thought it best that he sit in on one of my lessons, just to get used to the flow of things. I lovingly welcomed him to take a seat and watch a true…

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Avoiding the Back-to-School-Blues

It’s back. That dreaded time of year when our kids hang their heads and have to accept the harsh reality that summer break is officially over. It’s easy for us grown-ups to dismiss this unwelcomed transition, reasoning that the kids need to get over their state of shock because hey, let’s face it, they don’t know…

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Dealing Gracefully With Conflict

We don’t like to talk about it. In our ministries we avoid it like a plague, assuming that the issue might simply disappear from lack of attention. If we’d be honest, however, we’d admit to ourselves that avoidance is not the solution to this very natural part of our service. The resolution of conflict, that nasty…

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Persevering in Ministry to Children: A Lesson from Daniel

So you’re serving in children’s ministry. Welcome to a real life lions’ den! You thought you were special, didn’t you? “What a gift it is to be chosen for service,” was your mantra when you first got started. Little did you know that things would become discouraging along the way, but you stayed faithful. The words of…

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Prepared to Minister: The Power of a Surrendered Heart

What happens when we prepare our hearts can perhaps be best explained by considering what results when we skip the process altogether. When the prayer of surrender is skipped, the children’s Bible teacher might make the mistake of thinking that God needs her (or him) to perform this service and the parents should be happy…

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