Bible Lesson Activities About Joy

Joy is a supernatural satisfaction that God gives because of a right relationship with Him. The Bible activities below highlight situations in which joy was evident despite external disappointments and obstacles.

God Took Care of Paul and Silas Puzzle

When put together, this 16-piece jigsaw puzzle depicts Paul and Silas in the Philippian jail where they sang and prayed—and where a jailer saw that they had something he didn’t have. Before the night was over the jailer and his entire household put their faith in Jesus for salvation. As your children work this puzzle, review the story with them. You can read it in Acts 16:16-40.

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Paul and Silas Match Game

Eight tiles (4 pairs) give your children a chance to play a matching game. While they play, they will be reminded that God is always at work in the lives of His people—even when their circumstances are difficult.

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Paul and Silas Spot the Differences

Spot the differences between these pictures that initially look identical. Twelve minor difference exist between the two—but in both pictures Paul and Silas have joyful expressions on their faces, even though they are in jail!

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Paul and Silas Coded Words

What do those numbers mean? They represent some important words and a phrase that relate to Paul’s and Silas’s night in a Philippian jail. A code key is provided, so all your children will need to work this coded words puzzle are copies of the puzzle, a little time, and some sharpened pencils.

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Paul and Silas in Prison Crossword Puzzle

What was so different about Paul and Silas that they were able to sing songs and pray in jail? Well, they knew that God was with them. The story of their brief stay in jail is the theme of this crossword puzzle. Sharpen your pencils and let your children get to work!

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