Encompass Discipleship Stategy

The Encompass Discipleship Strategy is a comprehensive, church-based model for discipleship. For now, it is largely a developing strategy that is “on paper.” That is, it is embryonic. We will build it slowly and in pieces. It currently includes all of the resources available on Sunday School Zone, including God’s Unfolding Story curriculum, but it will eventually involve a broad range of resources for the church and homeschool families.

The Encompass Discipleship Strategy is comprehensive in 2 ways:

1) It will provide a ministry strategy and resources for all age groups and ministries within the church. In addition to age-group resources, it will also support other ministries within the church under the conviction that all aspects of the church’s ministry are related to discipleship.

2) It will seek to address all aspects of life. We believe that all of life is under the lordship of Christ and is, therefore, sacred. Consequently, we intend to address all aspects of culture, including the arts, business, healthcare, law, etc.

Our plans for Encompass are ambitious, but they will be ongoing. At this point we are laying a foundation for future resources that will fall under the Encompass Discipleship Strategy “umbrella.”

It will be important that our ministry strategies and resources be thoughtful and intentional. To that end, we will be creating a variety of articles that address relevant issues and help lay the philosophical foundation for all that will follow. You can find a listing of these articles here.

Until such time as we have a dedicated web site for Encompass, we will utilize Sunday School Zone to house relevant content.

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