Is Sunday School Zone Just About Sunday School?

No. Sunday School Zone is NOT just about Sunday School. The Sunday School program or organization has been one of the most powerful vehicles for evangelism and discipleship in the history of the church. In many churches it remains the central, most organized, and most attended organization even today. It’s a great ministry with a great history and there’s no reason to think it doesn’t have a great future. We hope the resources on Sunday School Zone will facilitate and support the Sunday School organization of churches around the world and that already seems to be the case. That being said…

It’s Not About the Name

The strength of the Sunday School organization has not been in its name, however. Sunday School has such a significant place in the church because it has focused on two fundamental purposes: reaching people and teaching the Bible. It typically has accomplished these purposes through age-graded, ongoing, small groups that are open to anyone participating and joining at any time.

The very nature of such ongoing groups has a way of fostering ministry, fellowship, and a very natural outreach. Because these groups are ongoing, people tend to settle in and form very long-term relationships with others in the group. Because people in these groups are open to and anxious to see others participate, these groups tend to attract friends and family members of those already attending. It all just seems to work rather naturally.

It’s true that the term “Sunday School” may be increasingly out of step for many. Still, whatever a church may choose to call it, there has been something powerful about the combination of caring fellowship, evangelism and Bible study in the context of a New Testament church. This shouldn’t surprise us as it’s the same combination we see in the early church in The Book of Acts.

Our Commitment

The resources found on will reflect a commitment to this biblical model of fellowship, evangelism and Bible study. We’ve chosen a URL (domain) with the words Sunday School in it because it continues to be a phrase many people use when they search for resources on the Internet.

So, don’t let the name confuse you. Our plan is to provide resources that help the church do its work, primarily through ongoing Bible study groups for learners of all ages, whether you call it Sunday School or something else.

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