God’s Unfolding Story – (One)

Six Elements of God's Unfolding Story—Bible Story Teaching Picture

Bible Story Lesson: God’s Unfolding Story Bible Lesson for Older Preschoolers

Bible Text: Genesis 1—Revelation 22

Bible Phrase: “All that the Bible says is from God” (2 Tim. 3:15).

Bible Truth: The Bible is the story of God.

Please note that we encourage this lesson to be taught at the beginning or end of each year and once again about half way through the year. This allows children to study the bigger story twice each year, in addition to the weekly review. The lesson plans we provide for these particular sessions are all the same. Consequently, you can find these lesson files here, and again with the New Testament Easter Unit (NT07), and then again with the last New Testament unit (NT12). If you wish to teach this lesson at the beginning or end of the Old Testament year, simply pull from the first or last New Testament units as desired.

This is the first lesson in the Jesus is God’s Son Unit. You can view a summary of this unit and the other lessons in the unit.

Downloading the God’s Unfolding Story (One) Bible Lesson

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Lesson Description

From Genesis to Revelation, God revealed various details about His plan to redeem the world through a Savior. Various Old Testament events foreshadowed Christ’s coming and thus presented a picture of the Redeemer who was to come. God called the nation of Israel to be His special people. Even though the people were rebellious, the events of their pilgrimage showcase God’s amazing grace toward them. That kind of grace is ours, as well, through God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Prophesied by God’s spokesmen in the Old Testament, Jesus came into this world and offered mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and eternal life. Acceptance of these gifts in Jesus Christ makes a person a part of God’s kingdom and a special part of God’s Unfolding Story. This God’s Unfolding Story Bible lesson for older preschoolers and introduces kids to the entire biblical story that we call God’s Unfolding Story.

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