Crafts for Kids

Below is a list of Bible crafts for kids appropriate for home, church, or school use. Crafts are activities that require cutting, gluing and/or additional resources such as tape, craft sticks, and yarn. Most crafts are related to specific Bible stories, but some are related to seasonal emphases that may not have a specific Bible story associated with the particular holiday.


Each activity provides a simple suggested learning outcome, a list of needed supplies, and step-by-step instructions with photos to help you and the children prepare for and complete each craft with ease.


In most cases we also provide a downloadable PDF of the activity (with pictures) in case it's easier for you simply to download and print the instructions rather than follow them online.

God Made the Animals Puppet Craft

Puppets give kids a special opportunity to learn a Bible story. All the puppets in this puppet Bible activity are animals, and the only other character is God. The Scripture passage for the activity is Genesis 1:20-25,30-31. Read the story from the Bible and let your children act it out. Isn’t it wonderful that God made the animals?

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The Story of the Forgiving King – Crown Bible Craft

Let each of your kids color and wear this forgiveness crown and be reminded of the power of a king to forgive—and especially of God’s power to forgive.

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Jesus Taught About Prayer Puppet Figures Craft

These puppet figures will give your kids a wonderful chance to recite Jesus’ teachings on prayer. This is both a fun and educational Bible activity.

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People in the Church Taught About Jesus Puppet Activity

These puppets will give your kids a chance to role play the parts of Paul, Priscilla, and Aquila—tentmakers and evangelists. This is a fun and educational Bible activity!

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Jesus Began the Church Puppet Craft

Use these puppets and this background to help your children better visualize and understand how the church got started, and how Peter allowed God to use Him to tell people about Jesus.

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Jesus and the Children Puppet Figures

Using these puppets, give your children an chance to “act out” the special time that Jesus had with a group of children. It will help them understand how much Jesus loves and cares for them.

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Gabriel Visited Mary Puppets

With these puppets, children and preschoolers will be able to act out Gabriel’s visit with Mary—the visit where the angel announced to her that she would become Jesus’ mother!

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Simeon and Anna Puppets

Simeon, Anna, Jesus, and Mary and Joseph are featured in this puppet activity for children and preschoolers. A temple background also is provided. Give your kids a creative and fun way to learn the Bible story recorded in Luke 2:21-39 by letting them act it out with these puppets!

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Lost Sheep Puppets

This Bible activity for children is a set of puppets that afford children and preschoolers a chance to act out the parable of the lost sheep.

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