Bible Mazes for Children

Mazes are a pencil activity that will challenge a child in many healthy ways and help him or her develop fine motor skills at the same time. The free, printable Bible mazes for children listed below highlight various Bible events and situations and will reinforce the lesson taught for each story. Click on the title of an activity to be taken to a web page where you'll be able to read more and download it.

Jesus Healed a Royal Official’s Son Maze

Your kids will have a great time working this maze based on Jesus’ miracle of healing a royal official’s son. Sharpen your pencils!

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John, A Friend of Jesus Maze

John’s love for Jesus is a great example to all of us. This John, A Friend of Jesus Maze will especially help children learn that Christianity isn’t about following a list of rules, but is about loving Jesus as a dear friend.

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Where Was Jesus Maze

This maze will give your children an imaginary opportunity to help Mary and Joseph find Jesus, who, as a 12-year-old, was missing following the Passover festival.

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Jesus Began the Church Maze

This maze is both challenging and fun. As your children work it, they will have a chance to reflect on the ways God used Peter and others to begin the church.

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The Story of God’s Care for Us Maze

This maze, which is shaped like a bird, is fun to work; but it also affords parents and teachers a chance to talk about the birds and how God takes care of them. If God takes care of the birds, surely He’ll take care of the people who trust Him!

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Peter’s Letter Maze

Give your kids a chance to work this maze, and you’ll also give yourself a wonderful opportunity to talk to them about the importance of the apostle Peter’s letters, letters we know as 1 Peter and 2 Peter in our Bibles today.

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Paul’s Escape Basket Maze

This Bible activity is a maze that reminds children that Paul escaped in a basket from Damascus and from those who wanted to take his life.

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Philip’s Journey Maze

In this activity, three intersecting mazes form one maze. Can you make your way through it from Jerusalem to Gaza? Your children quite likely can, and they can show you the right way. Be sure to give them the opportunity to do so.

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Paul: The Road to Damascus Maze

This maze is challenging, but perfect for your older children. As Paul made his way to Damascus, he met Jesus. Jesus told him to continue traveling to the city because when he got there, he would be told what to do. Your children will enjoy working this maze. You’ll enjoy working it as well. Two separate routes are offered. Can you travel both of them?

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