Coded Word Bible Activities for Children

A coded word puzzle is one in which symbols, often numbers, are used to represent letters. A key is provided, and working the puzzle involves replacing the symbols with appropriate letters to determine the words or the message the symbols represent. Kids have great fun working these puzzles! Select an activity by clicking the appropriate title.

Joseph Helped the King Secret Code Puzzle

This secret code Bible activity is great fun, and it also provides reminders to kids of Joseph’s work in Egypt. He was serving Pharaoh, but in doing so, he really was serving God!

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People Disobeyed God Coded Words

Let your kids work this coded word Bible activity. When they do, they’ll be reminded of important elements in the story of how people came to disobey God. They’ll also learn that God cared for Adam and Eve. What a wonderful God He is!

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Jesus Healed a Royal Official’s Son Coded Words

Let your kids decode this coded words puzzle and they’ll have a firmer understanding of the elements involved in Jesus’ miracle of healing a royal official’s son. This is a great Bible activity!

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John, A Friend of Jesus Secret Code

John was an eyewitness to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. John was known as “the beloved disciple,” indicating his closeness to the Master. As your kids work this secret code, they’ll learn some important things about John, Jesus’ follower and friend.

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Jesus Washed the Disciples’ Feet Secret Code Activity

Let your kids “crack the code” in this secret code Bible activity. They’ll learn some of the elements involved in Jesus’ washing His disciples’ feet—and they’ll discover a phrase that encourages them to imitate Jesus in serving others.

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Jesus Taught About God Secret Code Activity

Give your kids a chance to crack the code! As they do, they’ll learn about the conversation between Nicodemus and Jesus—and be reminded of the most important truth they’ll ever hear.

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Simeon and Anna Secret Code

This Bible activity for children—a secret code—highlights six elements of Simeon’s and Anna’s encounter with the Baby Jesus, as well as an important “bottom line” truth. What did Simeon and Anna know about this baby? Why was He special in ways no other human being ever was or ever will be? Give your kids an opportunity to learn by “cracking the code”!

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Jesus Healed the Paralytic Code Words

This Bible activity helps middle and older children become familiar with the experience of the man Jesus forgave and healed after the man’s four friends lowered him down to Jesus through a hole in the roof. Sharpen your pencils! Your children will have a great deal of fun with this one!

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Mary and the Jar of Oil Coded Words

Give your children an opportunity to find out what six words and what one phrase are represented in the seven series of numbers in this coded words puzzle. The puzzle features elements of Mary’s extravagant expression of love to Jesus in John 12:1-7.

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