The Christmas Story Video Highlights

We’ve prepared five brief Christmas Bible story videos (the longest is just under four minutes) that cover five popular Christmas stories. We also have free activities and lessons for each of these stories on Sunday School Zone. Each of these Christmas Bible stories videos provides a highlight of the story’s key points based on the Bible text. We also point out other uniquenesses to each story. Each of the videos, including the overview video is listed below…

Overview (2:00)

A simple overview of the five videos provided below… The Prophets’ Story, Mary’s Story, Joseph’s Story, The Shepherds’ Story, and The Story of the Wise Men.

The Prophets’ Story (2:29)

As you teach kids about Christmas, don’t forget the story actually begins in the Old Testament! Kids need to know that Jesus is the promised Messiah of the Old Testament!

Mary’s Story (3:17)

Mary’s story reveals that Jesus would be born miraculously of the flesh (Mary) and of the Holy Spirit. This affirms the doctrine of the virgin birth and will help kids understand that Christians are also both physical and spiritual.

Joseph’s Story (3:56)

The angel told Joseph to take Mary as his wife because her baby would be the Messiah and save His people from their sin. Like Mary’s story, this story affirms that Jesus was a miracle child and the promised Messiah.

The Shepherds’ Story (3:43)

Jesus would be the promised King (Messiah) of the Old Testament, but he would not be the kind of king people were expecting. His humble birth in a stable and the angelic announcement to the shepherds underscore that Jesus is a different kind of King.

The Story of the Wise Men (3:20)

Jesus would be the King of the Jews, but He was coming to save and restore all people. These wise men were foreign pagans, but they recognized what the Jews didn’t see. Jesus is King!

We hope these Christmas Bible story videos are helpful. We also have articles and other free resources related to Christmas that you can access quickly here.

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