The Topical Memory System for Kids

Memorizing Bible verses is a great habit to develop for kids and adults alike. Brain science studies have confirmed the long-term benefits of committing literature or Scripture to memory. Anxiety goes down and spiritual confidence goes up! Having God’s Word hidden in their heart helps kids make good choices and be reassured of eternal truths.

But can memorizing Scripture be fun instead of a chore?

Absolutely! Kids can remember a bazillion dinosaurs or Pokemon because it’s fun. The Topical Memory System for Kids is a fun Bible memory game that gets kids’ excited about memorizing God’s Word. For decades the Topical Memory System (TMS) has been helping adults memorize Scripture. The tried-and-true methods of the TMS are the foundation of this game for kids.

So how does it work?

Inside are colorful memory verse cards that you get to tear right out of the book! You use these cards to play the memory games. Also inside are resources to help customize how you want to play and learn. It includes…

  • An 18-week devotional that thematically guides you through all the verses
  • You can stick to the schedule or go at your own pace
  • Discussion questions that help your kids apply each verse to their own lives
  • Checklist to track progress
  • Kid-friendly glossary that helps explain difficult Bible terms

How do you play the game?

After you tear out the cards you spread out 12-36 verses on the table. Each card has one half of a verse. Players take turns choosing matches, trying to pair the first-half and second-half of a verse. If they choose a correct match they keep that pair and the other player goes. If they guess wrong their turn ends. The player with the most matches when the cards run out wins.

The beauty in the game design is in the simple rules and flexibility of play. As mentioned, you can play with as few or as many cards/verses as you want. You can play by yourself or with a small group. When players have gotten much better you can pick up the cards and use them as flashcards to make it more difficult.

Every card is available in two translations: NIV and The Message. With 36 verses to shuffle through, every game is a new challenge. Kids love playing the memory games as their faith and understanding of God’s Word grows. Parents love the devotional guide and discussion questions that lead to important conversations about faith.

Watch the how to play video or get a copy of the Topical Memory System for Kids here to begin a lifetime of Scripture memory and love for God’s Word with your family.

And a final message of encouragement for parents and teachers!

Attitude makes the difference. Because the Bible was written thousands of years ago and was not written specifically for children, your kids will encounter unfamiliar and stretching words along the way (thus the glossary). Encourage your child. Express delight in them and their desire to memorize God’s Word. Celebrate with them when a verse is especially meaningful to them. You can count on God’s help as you memorize together. Remember his wisdom – “These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts” (Deuteronomy 6:6, NIV) and, “Let the word of Christ- the Message- have the run of the house” (Colossians 3:16, MSG).

Scripture memory will help your kids (and you!) stay spiritually fit. Your whole family will have fun, experience immediate benefits, and become better equipped to meet future needs and opportunities.

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