When Is Easter Sunday?

Most people are aware that Resurrection Sunday (Easter Sunday) is observed at different times of the year each year. This is because Resurrection Sunday (Easter Sunday) always falls on the first Sunday following the Spring Equinox  and the Spring Equinox will vary from year to year. (The Spring Equinox is the day of the year when the sun is most directly above the earth’s equator. That makes it the day when day and night are most nearly the same length.) Sound confusing? Yeah, for us, too. So, when is Easter Sunday? We’ll try to make this easy!

Easter Dates

This variation in date from year to year can create all kinds of problems for those who need to plan ahead for whatever reason. Knowing when Good Friday and Easter occur can help parents and leaders avoid conflicts in the family, church, or school calendar. So, we’ve listed below the upcoming dates for Resurrection Sunday for the next 20 years. We’ve also discovered that WhenIsEasterSunday.com has a calculator that will give you the date for any year you enter, even in the past. But, since you’re already here…

Year            Good Friday       Resurrection Sunday

2021               April 2                        April 4

2022               April 15                      April 17

2023               April 7                        April 9

2024               March 29                   March 31

2025               April 18                      April 20

2026               April 3                        April 5

2027               March 26                   March 28

2028               April 14                      April 16

2029               March 30                   April 1

2030               April 19                      April 21

2031               April 11                      April 13

2032               March 26                   March 28

2033               April 15                      April 17

2034               April 7                        April 9

2035               March 23                   March 25

2036               April 11                      April 13

2037               April 3                        April 5

2038               April 23                      April 25

2039               April 8                        April 10

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