Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness Coloring Page

Description: Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness Coloring Page

Bible Text: Galatians 5:22-23

Bible Lesson: This is the fifth of 9 printable coloring pages that highlight one of the fruits of the Spirit according to Paul in Galatians. Each fruit of the Spirit is represented by an actual fruit in order to help children learn all of the fruits of the Spirit. (The fruits have been chosen totally randomly.) This one is about kindness and is represented by a pineapple.

Kindness is a quality kids can understand. They want others to be friendly and considerate to them. Unfortunately, children aren’t always kind to others. As with the other fruits of the Spirit, God helps us develop kindness by reminding us that He has been kind to us. As humans, we deserve His anger, but God loves us and shows us kindness. As children color this page, encourage them to think of ways they can be kind to others.

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