Fruit of the Spirit: Love Coloring Page

Description: Fruit of the Spirit: Love Coloring Page

Bible Text: Galatians 5:22-23

Bible Lesson: This is the first of 9 printable coloring pages that highlight one of the fruits of the Spirit according to Paul in Galatians. Each fruit of the Spirit is represented by an actual fruit in order to help children learn all of the fruits of the Spirit. (The fruits have been chosen totally randomly.) This one is about love and is represented by strawberries.

At its core, love is the deliberate choice to place another person’s interests above our own. It may or may not involve our feelings. We can choose to love someone regardless of how we feel and are admonished to do so throughout the Bible. The Bible consistently tells us that love is the most important quality of someone who claims to know and represent the Lord. As kids color the page, remind them that when we live according to the Spirit, love becomes a very natural thing for us to do because we realize we have been loved by God when we don’t deserve it.

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