God Gave Strength to Samson Word Search

In Judges 13–16, we learn that God had given Samson great strength which Samson used to defeat Israel’s enemies. If the Old Testament had a super hero, it would be Samson. But Samson’s strength came from the Lord, not his suit, or a specially evolved ability, or something from another planet. When Samson acted foolishly, however, he lost God’s strength and suffered for it. In a final and dramatic act of defiance of God’s enemies, God restored Samson’s strength and used him in a powerful way. Samson may not have had the greatest character, but God used him to help His people. Samson still stands as a reminder for children that God can give us the strength we need to accomplish His purposes. This free, printable God Gave Strength to Samson Word Search activity will help kids learn about Samson, his failures, and how God ultimately restored his strength in that final dramatic event.

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