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Noah Unit Overview Page

Every lesson in God’s Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers fits into a unit that contains either four or five free lessons. A listing of all of the units can be found on the site along with access to all of the lessons. This page (below) and the downloadable and printable PDF is an overview of the Noah Unit (OT02).

You can click to access the printable PDF of the Unit Overview Page.


Unit Overview

After God expelled Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden, sin continued to expand and tighten its grip on the human race. Over time, evil and violence only increased, causing God to resolve to destroy human life in a great flood. The Lord extended grace, however, to Noah and His family. By obeying God and building a great boat called an ark, and by entering the ark at God’s command before the flood arrived, Noah availed himself of the protection God provided. The ark’s beneficiaries included Noah, his family, and a male and female member of every kind of animal. These people and animals were safe, even as God’s wrath and judgment prevailed everywhere else on the earth. Noah’s story is an important part of God’s unfolding story, and its lessons help us—young and old alike—respond to God properly today.

Kingdom Perspective

Although God’s plan to establish His Kingdom on earth was rejected by Adam and Eve when they sinned, the Lord would eventually reverse sin’s impact with His own Son’s death and resurrection. Yet, not very long after creation, God judged the world’s wickedness by sending a devastating flood. He saved Noah and his family, however, in an ark He told Noah to build. God’s salvation for Noah and his family foreshadowed in numerous ways the salvation Jesus would later provide. God’s plan to establish His Kingdom was continuing to unfold!

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