Word Scramble for God Helped Ruth and Naomi

The cherished love story of how God helped Ruth and Naomi, found in The Book of Ruth, is a wonderful example of God’s providence and a picture of God’s redemptive love. It’s also a story about how God helped Ruth and Naomi (Ruth’s mother-in-law). After several tragedies left Ruth and Naomi at risk, Ruth, a non-Israelite, committed herself to stay with Naomi on her journey home. God’s hand was guiding Ruth’s life throughout the story so she would wind up exactly where He wanted her. God wanted Ruth to meet Boaz so that she would become an ancestor to Jesus Himself! This Word Scramble for God Helped Ruth and Naomi will help kids learn that God is a great God Who guides our lives to accomplish His purposes just like He guided Ruth’s life. This free, printable, Bible activity can be used in a Sunday School, classroom, or homeschool setting.

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