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The Advent season consists of the four Sundays prior to Christmas Day. We typically think of the Advent season as celebrating the advent or “coming” of Jesus in His birth because the season is so closely related to Christmas on the calendar. But Advent is also intended to point forward to Jesus’ second “coming” at which time creation will be restored and the Kingdom of God will be fully established on earth. Advent is, therefore, a season of hope and anticipation. We not only celebrate what God HAS DONE through Christ in the past, we also celebrate what God WILL DO through Christ in the future.

Advent Captures the Biblical Story

The biblical story is a story of hope. For those of us with responsibilities for teaching that story to kids, Advent is a great time to point to God’s great unfolding story and remind children that the story has not ended. It is continuing to unfold even today and YOUR kids have a place in that story! This is an important truth for all of us to grasp. Advent captures the wholeness of the biblical story and provides an opportunity to remind children that the biblical story is also THEIR story. Sunday School Zone has lots of activities and resources to help children grow in their understanding of the biblical story.

Advent Is A Season

By celebrating Advent, families and churches can encourage children to focus on the larger story of Jesus and God’s plan for several weeks. We all understand the value of a prolonged emphasis and repeated exposure to biblical truths. And it helps anchor a child’s understanding of this time in the true significance of the season. Our culture will pull their attention toward anything and everything other than Jesus. As a parent or teacher, you have four weeks to remind children repeatedly of the priority of Jesus now and every day of the year.

Advent Resources on Sunday School Zone

Advent is not a biblical event. It is a season we set aside to recognize and celebrate what God is doing in history. As such, Sunday School Zone doesn’t have activities specific to Advent. Rather, we would point to some of the key stories of the Bible and the related activities we have on the site. You can find activities about the birth of Jesus here. You can find activities about the future here. Activities related to the larger biblical story are here.

This is a busy time of year for everyone. Still, you can take advantage of the seasonal “buzz” to teach your kids about Jesus and the plans God has for them now and forever!

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