Jesus Bible Activities

Below you'll find Bible lesson activities for kids, about Jesus, God's Son, who died a sacrificial death to pay the penalty for humanity's sins. Through faith in Him, a person can be forgiven of his or her sins and receive eternal life.

Jesus Taught About Giving Hidden Pictures

Children learn about the poor widow who gave her last two mites to God by finding hidden images in a picture of the woman as she gave her money.

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Giving Match Game

By playing a match game, children learn about the widow who gave her last pennies, or mites, to the temple treasury.

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Jesus Healed 10 Lepers Spot the Differences

Looking for differences between two pictures of a healed leper returning to Jesus to thank Him helps children learn the importance of gratitude.

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Healing 10 Lepers Match Game

Playing a match game depecting elements of the story of Jesus’ healing the 10 healed lepers helps children see the need to express thanks to God.

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Finding Jesus: The Leper’s Maze

Finding the right path in a maze about the 10 lepers Jesus healed gives children a fun activity to do while learning about the importance of gratitude.

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Jesus Healed Ten Lepers Jigsaw Puzzle

Working a jigsaw puzzle showing a grateful healed man thanking Jesus helps children understand the need to express thanks to God.

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Jesus is Alive! Easter Spot the Differences

Mary Magdalene was overjoyed to see that Jesus had risen from the dead. Children will see her surprise in this Easter spot the differences activity (based on John 20:11-18) as they look for differences between two similar pictures. Answers are provided.

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Jesus Is Alive! Resurrection Jigsaw Puzzle

Jesus’ followers were not expecting Jesus to be raised, but that Sunday morning, Jesus appeared to Mary, who was surprised to see Him alive at His tomb. This resurrection jigsaw puzzle shows Mary’s surprise and joy when she sees the resurrected Lord.

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Jesus Is Alive! Word Search

Within the story of Jesus’ resurrection found in John 20:11-18, there are several key words or names of people. This resurrection word search activity highlights some of them. Kids search for words that are placed in a grid of otherwise random letters.

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