Bible Lesson Activities About Salvation

Biblical salvation refers to being rescued from the guilt and consequences of sin. The following Bible lesson activities feature salvation prominently.

Jesus Began the Church Jigsaw Puzzle

Jesus started the church, and He used Peter and some of his other followers to do so. In this jigsaw puzzle, Peter is telling people that salvation is found in Jesus. This is a truth that people everywhere need to hear today—just like they needed to hear it then.

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Jesus Began the Church Puppet Craft

Use these puppets and this background to help your children better visualize and understand how the church got started, and how Peter allowed God to use Him to tell people about Jesus.

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Jesus Began the Church Maze

This maze is both challenging and fun. As your children work it, they will have a chance to reflect on the ways God used Peter and others to begin the church.

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Philip and the Ethiopian Official Jigsaw Puzzle

This fun jigsaw puzzle is a great activity for your children to do as you talk to them about the importance of telling others about Jesus.

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Philip’s Hidden Pictures

In this picture of Philip talking with the Ethiopian official about Jesus, pictures of ten small items are discretely placed. Can your children find the hidden pictures? They may even find several you’re unable to find!

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Philip’s Journey Maze

In this activity, three intersecting mazes form one maze. Can you make your way through it from Jerusalem to Gaza? Your children quite likely can, and they can show you the right way. Be sure to give them the opportunity to do so.

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Philip’s Word Search

This word search puzzle will help kids remember the details of Philip’s encounter with the Ethiopian. Can you find all the words?

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Philip’s Color by Number Page

Colored pencils, watercolors, or crayons could be used to complete this color-by-number activity. The picture is an image of Philip telling the Ethiopian official about Jesus. Check it out!

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Zacchaeus Crossword Puzzle

As children work a crossword puzzle in which the words highlight key themes in the story of Zacchaeus, they will learn that Jesus makes a huge difference in the life of anyone who receives Him warmly.

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