God Made People

Bible Story Lesson: God Made People Bible Lesson for Older Preschoolers

Bible Text: Genesis 1:1-31, 2:7-8; 15-24

Bible Phrase: God made people (Genesis 1:27).

Bible Truth: God made people.

This is the fourth lesson in the God’s Creation Unit. You can view a summary of this unit and the other lessons in the unit.

Downloading the God Made People Bible Lesson

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Lesson Description

On the sixth day of creation, God made people. People were—and are—special creatures, because God created the man and the woman—and therefore all human beings—in His own image. This is said of no other creature among all the living things God made. The Scripture also says of man, “Then the LORD God formed the man out of the dust from the ground and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and the man became a living being” (Gen. 2:7). God put Adam and Eve in charge of the rest of creation as well, signifying yet again the uniqueness of human beings.

This God Made People Bible lesson for older preschoolers affirms that God created people in His image. Among other things, this means God wants every person to enjoy a close friendship with Him. Every member of the human race is special, just because each one has been created by God. Every person, including every preschooler, can say, “Thank you God for giving me life and for loving me!”

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