Color by Number Bible Coloring Pages

Unlike simple coloring pages or connect-the-dots coloring pages, color by number Bible coloring pages involve an assigned color indicated by a number. Children then fill in the appropriate space with the assigned color. These types of Bible coloring pages typically assume a slightly higher motor skill level and some basic reading skills as well. In many cases a simple Bible lesson is included with the coloring page to help the parent or teacher associate the activity with an important Bible truth.

Jesus Taught About God Color By Number Page

This Bible activity is a color by number picture of Jesus talking with Nicodemus. This Bible activity is both fun and beautiful—and it affords a tremendous learning experience.

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Joseph Told About Jesus - Color by Number Activity

Joseph Told About Jesus Color By Number Page

Mary and Joseph knew that Jesus, who was growing inside Mary’s body, was God’s Son. This color by number activity shows them as they got together after Joseph’s dream. Many people would not understand the special circumstances surrounding Jesus birth—but Mary and Joseph lived through them, and they trusted God in the midst of it all.

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John Wrote About Love Color By Number Page

Use this color by number activity to remind children of the contribution the apostle John made when he wrote letters to Christians in his day. God used him in a great way!

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Gabriel Visited Mary Color By Number Page

As your children color by number this picture showing Gabriel visiting Mary, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to them about what the angel said to her and how she responded. How special it was for Mary that she was going to become the mother of God’s Son!

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Prophet’s Scroll Color By Number Page

Why is a scroll important? This one is important because of the words it contains! This color by number Bible activity doesn’t show any written words on the scroll, but even preschoolers and children can understand the scroll represents God’s promises in the Old Testament to send the Messiah, Jesus, to earth. Your children will love this color by number activity!

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Philip’s Color by Number Page

Colored pencils, watercolors, or crayons could be used to complete this color-by-number activity. The picture is an image of Philip telling the Ethiopian official about Jesus. Check it out!

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Shepherds Color By Number Page

Coloring by number gives children the opportunity to be creative as well as to follow instructions. And the image they will color in this instance will remind them that Jesus was God, even when He was a newborn baby. Certainly the shepherds who bowed before Him knew He was special!

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The Wise Men’s Gifts Color By Number Page

This color-by-number activity page helps children see that Christmas is about giving to Jesus.

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