Mary’s Story Support from Sunday School University

Sunday School Zone has partnered with the good folk at Sunday School University to provide additional help for adults who want to better understand the story of Mary, Jesus’ mother (Mary’s Story). The video below was created to help teachers of adults lead a Bible study on Luke 1:26-35; the story of the Angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary announcing the birth of Jesus. In the video, Josh Hunt asks the important question; Is Jesus God? By watching this video, teachers of adults will be given assistance in leading a Bible study on this important topic.

Those who work with kids may find this video helpful in developing their own understanding and knowledge of this particular story. The better you understand the story, the better you’ll be able to communicate the truth(s) of the story to the children you are teaching. To learn more about Sunday School University and how it supports teachers of adults, see below.

LifeWay Christian Resources publishes Bible study curriculum for individuals and churches to use in a variety of settings. Many churches use their Bible Studies for Life (BSFL) Series and their Explore the Bible (ETB) Series for ongoing Bible study groups of adults and other ages.

Sunday School University has been producing videos that support these popular Bible study series for years, using highly qualified educators and scholars to help teachers of adults lead meaningful Bible study sessions. Churches and individuals can learn more about these resources and register for a free trial here.

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