1 Samuel 1 Activities

The activities below are related to people, stories, teachings, or events taking place in 1 Samuel 1.

Samuel Served the Lord Story Illustration

Even as a very young child, Samuel knew he was chosen of God to serve. While living with Eli the priest, Samuel obeyed God and Eli while serving in the temple. This story illustration will help kids remember that even young children can be used of God.

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Hannah Prayed for a Child Story Illustration

Samuel’s mother, Hannah, wanted children for a long time. She prayed for a child, and God answered her prayer by giving her baby Samuel. This story illustration will help kids remember that God still hears and responds to our prayers today.

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God Answered Hannah’s Prayer Bible Craft

This paper plate craft will help children as they study the story of how God answered Hannah’s prayer and remind them that prayer really works. The finished craft will show Hannah BEFORE God answered her prayer and AFTER God answered her prayer.

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