Suggestions and Activities for Kids During the COVID Crisis

It looks like the Summer vacation will be coming early for many kids this year. And, it’s not just school they’re missing. It’s all of the church activities and many other extracurricular activities. Kids are home more than usual and for longer than usual. And, due to the adjustments in schedules with lots of businesses, it’s possible that YOU are home more than usual and for longer than usual! Many of you are greeting this as an opportunity to spend extra time with the kids, even while you’re wondering how to keep them occupied without merely setting them in front of a TV or giving them unlimited time on a phone or gaming device.

Using the Time

You know, of course, that Sunday School Zone is here with hundreds of printable Bible activities. We’re now up to almost 2,000 activities and all of them are completely free. Take a few minutes to browse through our offerings. You may be surprised at the kinds and quantity of activities we have on the site.

But, we would also encourage you take advantage of this time to spend some simple “quality” time with your children. Talk to them about God’s sovereignty in the midst of this crisis. Take a walk with them. (Many of you are experiencing the warmer days of Spring already!) Ask your church for information about the Bible story or passage your kids would be studying as usual each week. Then take a few minutes to look at the story with your children. Talk about it. Pray with them. Even if this lasts for only 10 minutes, that’s time well spent!

We will continue to add new content to Sunday School Zone and provide you with words of encouragement on The Sunday School Zone Blog. And, we will pray for you as parents and leaders in your churches. Whatever other challenges you may be facing, we hope this extra and unexpected time with your kids will be good for you and them!

Rick Edwards
Author, Speaker, Bible Teacher

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